1590 E. 19TH Street, Brooklyn NY

New 8-Story Mixed-Use Building of 34,000 sq.ft.36 Units

1104-11106 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn NY

New 6-Story Residential Building of 22,000 sq.ft.22 Units

75 Gerry Street, Brooklyn NY

New 4-Story Religious Building of 42,000 sq.ft.

668 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn NY

Alteration of Commercial Building to a 4-Story of 31,000 sq.ft.

4316 16th Street, Brooklyn NY

New 6-Story Religious Building of 48,000 sq.ft.

1931-1935 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn NY

New 7-Story , 44 Unit Residential Building of 40,000 sq.ft.

1667-1669 E 19th Street, Brooklyn NY

New 8-Story Mixed-Use Building of 20,000 sq.ft. 29 Units

New 5-Story School Building of 56,000 sq.ft.

3801 Ft. Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn NY

New 7-Story, 105 Unit Residential Building of 92,000 sq.ft.

2442 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn NY

New 3-Story, 27 Unit Residential Building of 28,000 sq.ft.

1901 10th Avenue, Brooklyn NY