We provide our clients with a team approach when it comes to code consultation. Interpreting the NYC Codes through its many versions through the years requires legal eye and years of experience presenting plans to the NYC Department of Buildings. As it has become a priority for the NYC DOB, ADA accessibility compliance are also one of our main focus. Our approach is done in a  timely manner and is cost-effective.

Services include:

  • Fire and life safety master planning and program development

  • Existing building code compliance surveys

  • Building code/fire code conflict resolution

  • Building code/standard analysis

  • Egress design and analysis

  • Building code equivalency documentation

  • Design document review services

  • Accessibility code review and compliance planning

  • Third party plan reviews


  • Asbestos Coordination, City Agency Research (Department of Buildings, Fire Department) Construction Permits

  • Determination / Pre-Determination

  • Equipment Use Permits

  • FDNY Services

  • Filing of TR-1 for Special Inspections Fire Protection Plan Approvals

  • Landmarks Preservation Commission Filings

  • Letters of Completion

  • Letters of No Objection

  • Post Approval Amendments

  • Temporary Places of Assembly

  • Violation Removal/ Dismissal Violation Reports

  • Weekend & After Hour Variances