“Site analysis is a vital step in the design process. It involves the evaluation
of an existing or potential site in relation to the development program,
environmental impact, impacts on the community and adjacent properties,
project budget, and schedule. The site analysis identifies environmental,
program, and development constraints and opportunities. A well-executed
site analysis forms the essential foundation for a cost-effective, environmentally
sensitive, and rational approach to project development.”

— Excerpt from The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice, 13th edition ©2000


 Our office believes in wholesome design, innovative and practical. Designs that incorporate meaning by responding to site and client needs. Our design theory follows a believe that we have a responsibility not only to the bottom line but the environment as well.

The final designs are done by going through a careful and thorough series of meetings to determine the maximum bulk and area while keeping a close eye on the budget and feasibility of construction.


Our Process: 

  • Propose a program based on client needs. 

  • Develop Schematics Design for the site. 

  • Verify the design complies with the NYC Zoning Resolution. 

  • Create Preliminary Plans.

  • Verify the plans complies with the NYC Building Code. 

  • Recommend Structural system. 

  • Coordinate with and finalize Working Drawings. 

  • Submit Working Drawings to NYC Buildings Department. 

  • Respond to NYC objections to filed applications. 

  • Get application approved and obtain permit. 

Our List of Services

  • Site & Zoning Analysis

  • Building Code Consultation

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Programming

  • Schematic Design

  • Design Development

  • Contract Documents

  • Tax Lot Subdivision/Condo Creation

  • Shop Drawing & Materials Review


Our firm utilizes:

AUTOCAD - Computer Aided Design software. 

3D Renderings and presentation drawings.